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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Various snapshots

  • Elaph website interviewed Gabriel El Murr on the subject of the reopening of Lebanon's MTV (see related post) GM denied that the channel was financed by the Lebanese Forces (political party) and said that Qatari funds were sponsoring the channel.
  • The Yemeni Embassy in the UAE objected to the broadcasting of the comic series "Hayer tayyer" on Dubai TV, as various sketches made fun of yemenites living in the UAE
  • After calling for the murder of Mickey Mouse, cleric Mohammed Mounjed Assbah is now becoming a worldwide star. Western press has focused on this fatwa with various specialized websites and talk shows discussing this latest assault on western culture. Another Saudi cleric issued a counter Fatwa, saying that "murdering Mickey Mouse is stupid and pictures muslims as criminals and ignorant people"

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