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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ATV is back...again

Jordan's first private TV group is back! ATV which initially supposed to start broadcasting two years ago, but was closed by Jordanian authorities, announced that it will resume broadcasting next spring 2009.

The group will launch three channels simultaneously (a news channel, an entertainment channel, a religious channel) under its new ownership structure (Mr. Radi Al Khass purchased 13% of teh channel from previous owner Mr. Muhammad Alyan; even though the current structure is still murky...)

Info from agencies, Al Akhbar newspaper and own sources.

the most famous shoe

Lebanese channel New TV (famous for its provocative stances) announced today that it was willing to pay for the defense of Mountazar Al Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe at Georges Bush during his latest Iraqi visit.

Tahssin Khayat -New TV's chairman- also announced that the channel was willing to recruit the Iraqi journalist if he was fired from his job at Al Baghdadiya TV channel.