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Monday, June 23, 2008

This Week in the Press

Press Review of Media Issues:

1) Arab journalists are protesting in Berlin over the closure of the Arab feed of a local radio (As Safir, 16 June)

2) Arab director Ines Al Doughaidi will soon start her own TV channel: Al Jarika (the courageous or the the one that dares) (Achark, 16 June)

3) French public channels (France and France 3) will soon go on strike, over president Sarkozy's decision to stop advertisments on public channels (Al Hayat, 16 June)

4) 10 journalists from Egypt's Al Hayat Space Channel are threatening to start a hunger strike, because of their lay off from teh channel, and replacement by 10 journalists from Egypt's daily, Al Massri Al Youm (Al raya, 15 June)

5) Fassel Al Badrani - correspondant of Al Arab Al Youm newspaper in Iraq - was honored by the Iraqi journalist association for his work (Al Arab Al Youm, 17 June)

6) Ajyal radio (Generations radio) was ranked first with 38% share in the Palestinian territories, within the 16-25 years old demography (As Safir, 18 June)

7) Zoghby International polling reported that a new survey amongst 7054 news directors, has shown that 44% believe that within the next 10 years, most peopel will get their news from the internet (Ashark Al Awssat, 19 June)

8) Madar Research has reported that the 2007 internet spending in teh ARab world reached a low 20M$ in 2007. This figure is expected to grow to by 600% within 3 years (Ashark Al Awssat, 19 June)

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