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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Algerian Star Academy

Algerian TV (Canal Algerie) will broadcast this Ramadan a religious version of Pan-Arab hit TV show Star Academy (broadcasted by LBC)
The reality TV show entitled "The Knights of the Quran" will feature 16 candidates that will compete for their knowledge and capacity to "tell" the Quran, while living together.
People will vote for their favorite candidates, until the last "prime" where one "Quran Knight" will be selected.

It is interesting to note that Canal Algerie used to broadcast the Lebanese Star Academy (which features Arabic and western dancing as well as sexy girls) but stopped airing the program because it contained "scenes that are against the culture of Islam"

Canal Algerie is owned by the Algerian government. Prime Minister (now resigned) Abed Al Aziz Belkhadem had announced in June that the government would soon launch an Islamic religious channel.

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